Inducted: 2013

Art is an award-winning columnist for the San Francisco Examiner, and In 1999, he received the McCann Award, earning him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was honored with the Masters Major Achievement Award in 2007, and the PGA of America Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. Starting with the Los Angeles Rams and Dodgers, Art has since covered 25 Wimbledon Championships, 26 NCAA men’s basketball Final Four Championships, 29 British Open golf tournaments, 33 Super Bowls, 40 U.S. Open golf tournaments, 43 consecutive Masters Golf Tournaments, and 56 consecutive Rose Bowls. Besides writing The Art Spander Collection, Art co-authored Golf: The Passion and The Challenge with Mark Mulvoy, and Keeping On Course: Golf Tips on Avoiding the Sandtraps of Today’s Business World with Gary Shemano.