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Jack Anderson, Former President of the Northern California Jewish Sports Hall of FameAs a fifth generation San Franciscan of the Jewish faith, I am extremely proud of the progress that the Northern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame has made. Our organization has made great strides in implementing its mission and fulfilling what I feel is its unique destiny. There are 14 Jewish Halls of Fame in the United States, but until now, none in Northern California, an area rich in the storied contributions Jews have made through sports to the quality of life of all our citizens. That the “People of the Book” have and do excel at sports may come as somewhat of a surprise to the general public since other aspects of Jewish achievement may be more recognized. Enthusiasm for sports seems ingrained in the Jewish character and the tradition of honoring those in the community who have achieved prominence in the world of athletics can now be fulfilled by each of us through the programs of the NCJSHOF.

– Jack Anderson, Founder and Former President

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The Northern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame was established to:

    • Communicate to the public the contributions Jewish sports figures have made to the quality of life throughout the world
    • Educate the public of the contributions Northern California Jewish Sports figures have made to our community
    • Recognize and celebrate the induction of professional Jewish athletes, high school athletes, and community members into the Northern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and its associated award programs
    • Provide support, mentoring, and assistance for Jewish youth participating in sports
    • Forge positive relationships with diverse organizations and individuals promoting the value of sports in our daily lives
    • Deter anti-Semitism by responding to extremism without being extreme, encourage educational campaigns, and raise the consciousness of people worldwide.


The Northern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization. There is no paid staff or administrative costs. We derive all of our revenue from sponsors, vendors, donations, event revenue, and charitable grants. We rely completely on members and volunteers for the time they devote to the events we present.

Our tax ID number is: 26-0493232